With over 60 years in the industry BAC Corrosion Control Ltd (BAC) offer clients, a comprehensive and bespoke corrosion control service from corrosion monitoring, CP system design, manufacturing, product supply, site services to consultancy and training. Our Vision is to protect the safety, long life, and environmental integrity of our clients assets by providing the highest quality, affordable corrosion control solutions and products.

Where we come from...

  • 1954

Metal and Pipeline Endurance Ltd, UK (MAPEL) specialising in CP and NDT   

was formed by William Press & Son Ltd, later to become part of the AMEC Group.


  • 1957

Bergsøe Anti Corrosion A/S (BAC) A foundry established in Denmark,

specialising in the production of Zinc and Aluminium anodes.


  • 1978

Global Cathodic Protection Ltd was formed by a group of eminent corrosion

engineers specialising in CP engineering and surveys.


  • 1986

BAC acquired Global Cathodic Protection Ltd


  • 1994

Global Cathodic Protection Ltd changed it’s name to BAC Global and acquired

the cathodic protection division of MAPEL from AMEC.


  • 1997

Group reorganisation resulted in the creation of BAC Corrosion Control Ltd.

Bright Bond AB relocated the Pin Brazing factory to Telford, UK.


  • 2012

BAC acquired Rose Corrosion Services Ltd (RCSL Corrosion Monitoring), a

world class company specialising in corrosion monitoring and inhibition

in the oil, gas and water industries.