Midroc Europe with approximately 2 800 employees is a development group that most of all works in northern Europe, but also in other parts of the world. Midroc Europe belongs to the international Midroc-group owned by Mohammed Al-Amoudi. The owner philosophy is very long term and edifies on encourage employee's driving force to create and develop technique, methods, projects and business.

Midroc versatility

By belongning to a strong business group, BAC has access to extensive support - in finance, specialists, personnel and others.

Midroc Europe can provide many of the trades required for a larger plant construction undertaking. Services can be delivered individually by each of the subsidiaries or they can also seamlessly be integrated as multi-discipline packages. In multi-trade-projects, many clients prefer our method with a "Single Point of Contact". For a particular project, we appoint a single point of contact, representing all involved Midroc trades and contracting services in relation to the client.

This set-up dramatically reduces the number of contractual interfaces between the client and the contractors and it correspondingly reduces the client efforts for contractor control and supervision.

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Midroc Europe Annual Review 2018