Since 1943 NACE International has provided industry and government with publications, training and certification programs, conferences, and standards and reports relating to the prevention and control of materials corrosion. More than 15,000 NACE members worldwide benefit from networking opportunities and access to technical information that can lead to career advancement for individuals, better performance for
companies, and enhanced environmental protection and safety for everyone. BAC Corrosion Control Ltd are Bronze members of NACE.


BAC Corrosion Control are sustaining members of the Institute of Corrosion which is a learned society that has been serving the corrosion science, technology and engineering management and economic needs of individuals, academe and industry since 1959 in the fight against corrosion, which costs the UK around 4% of GNP per annum.


BAC Corrosion Control Ltd are members of the Corrosion Prevention Association which represents consultants, contractors and manufacturers working in the field of corrosion prevention for reinforced concrete and masonry encased steel. The CPA acts as the leading authority and source of information on the subject of cathodic protection, and other electrochemical treatments including realkalisation, desalination, chloride extraction, corrosion inhibitors and the use of galvanic and impressed current anodes in cathodic protection systems.