Process plant, refineries, tanks and well casings, whether in the Petrochemical, Water or other industry represent a huge investment and are required to operate continuously and safely for their entire design life. Anything that detracts from this goal is totally undesirable and every endeavor must be made to prevent all occurrences that might jeopardise the safe and efficient running of the plant and operation. Corrosion is one of those occurrences that will affect the safe and efficient running of the plant with the costs for plant shut down, lost production, product loss, environment contamination and loss of customer confidence running into millions of pounds.

BAC will provide the insurance against these costs by designing, supplying, installing, setting to work and maintaining cost effective, efficient CP systems that will mitigate corrosion.

BAC provides a complete portfolio of corrosion control specialising in CP to ensure safe and continuous plant inspection.

From initial surveys and designs with complete new systems for new plant to corrosion audits and rehabilitation programmes, BAC can meet the most stringent demands on a worldwide basis.

Integrity of supply or the oil and gas industry from well casing to refineries can be insured against corrosion failure by our Engineering Services designed and installed CP systems.

Follow up maintenance and inspection programmes or training schemes, either on site or at the BAC UK Training Centre ensure continued system integrity.

Should your cathodic protection and coating systems be suffering due to age deterioration or from other causes our Engineering Services are able to carry out a complete audit and rehabilitation programme.

BAC willingly provide advice and outline system design for cathodic protection of industrial structures. In order to do this, as much of the following information should be provided - the more information supplied, the closer our proposals will be to the final designs:

  • Type of structure i.e. tank base, tank internals
  • Dimensions
  • Specification for coating
  • Earthing
  • Layout drawings
  • Classified hazardous areas
  • Facilities for isolation from other structures
  • Power supply type and availability
  • Existing CP Systems