BAC Corrosion Control Ltd (BAC) offers a number of coating products which stem from Cathodic Protection (CP) principles.

Isozin Zinc Tape provides a corrosion control solution to new and existing above ground plant and transport systems. The product consists of a Zinc tape with a high purity (99.99% of the chemical mass of zinc) with a nominal thickness of 0.080 mm. the tape acts as a Galvanic Anode and has a life span of around 25 years.

Metal spraying is the process of spraying molten metal onto a surface to form a coating. This is achieved by melting either pure or alloyed metals in a flame and then subjecting it to a blast of compressed air which projects them towards the surface being coated - the end result is a solid metal coating.

Al-Zn-In, an Aluminium-Indium-Zinc composition, makes metal spraying an ideal solution for corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete where an electrolyte (such as salt water) can leach into the structure as well as atmospherically exposed steel structures. It is also effective for the corrosion protection of steel structures.

Arctec, formulated from Aluminium and Titanium, metal spraying proves an alternative solution for the corrosion protection of steel surfaces such as tread plates, steps, walkways, ship decks and many others whilst providing the safety of a non-slip surface.