Electrical Engineering

BAC Corrosion Control Ltd (BAC), have developed a comprehensive range of products within their Electrical Engineering department to ensure they are at the forefront of the Cathodic Protection (CP) world.

Both air and oil cooled Transformer Rectifiers (TRs) can be designed on a turnkey basis to meet any customer or application requirements that are suitable for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems. A dedicated design team will combine many years of both CP and electronic engineering knowledge to ensure high quality TRs meet the most demanding and complicated customer specifications.

ATEX certified Hazardous area TR units, rated up to zone 1, can be configured for constant current, constant voltage or auto potential control, and by incorporating the latest BAC product in the range, the units can be controlled remotely via the internet by utilising GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) or satellite technology.

Switch Mode Power Supply units (SMPS) are high efficiency power supplies with a tightly regulated output control and high immunity against electrical disturbances from the mains which provide a reliable power source for low power impressed current CP systems. Although initially designed for the steel and concrete industry, BAC have expanded the range to cover larger units at present up to 48V 30A.

Electrical isolation and transmission can be achieved using the new 4-20mA transducers, supplied by BAC. They feature 3 way isolation which guarantees reliable decoupling of the input signals from the processing circuit and the supply, preventing measurement circuits from influencing each other.

SensorGuard can provide the highest level of protection for sensitive electronic devices and power supply systems from the threats of fluctuations in the AC power system, surge events caused by direct lightning strikes and Ground Potential Rise (GPR) due to ground strikes.