The BB3 equipment is specifically designed for the rail industry for use on all types of installation and maintenance programmes. It contains the same control unit as the BB2, but it is mounted on a rail trolley which houses an integral toolbox and equipment holsters.

The box comes standard with rail running wheels which can be changed to suit the required equipment. The pin brazing process in the BB3 is electroically controlled for consistency of the brazing action. If required, it is also possible to use brazing pins with a fuse wire. The battery capacity is sufficient for upto 100 brazes when fully charged and is normally recharged from a mains supply.

This can be increased by charging the batteries during transport between brazing sessions using a battery charger mounted in a vehicle. By using this procedure it is possible to increase the number of brazes to approximately 250 per working day. The batteries are of a new high power design and are completely sealed.